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Well, October has arrived, and with it came hot hot weather. Time for summer in South America.
Hace muy calor!
Enough about the weather. It's time for the real news.

I BOUGHT A BIKE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



She is purple and she is a MEGABIKE! Jake bought a red MEGABIKE! So now we have a MEGABIKE! gang.
Emily has a bike too, her's is not a MEGABIKE! but it is still fabulous and is an unofficial member of the MEGABIKE! gang. Her bike is red, go figure.
Notice here: MEGABIKE!

And here... My favorite part of the bike: THE BASKET. Such a wonderful invention.

So there you have it. MEGABIKE! and I will be mashing all over Santiago.
Estoy muy muy contenta.
Adios! I'm going to hang out with some nice Chileans tonight. Aka, spanish lesson coming right up.

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