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New bike, book and friends

I would write about my weekend, but all I can think of right now is the magnificent book I just finished called "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society." It took my breath away. I am inspired to be a better writer now because the author(s) of this book did an amazing job. A fabulous story that I want everyone to read. One of the reviews says that it is a "book lover's book" so Mom, if you haven't read it!

Ah, I love reading books...

So, back to reality I guess.

This weekend was "super divertido." I hung out with new Chilean friends. I am constantly amazed by Chileans and their warm-hearted mentality. They are so eager to talk to me and make me feel welcome, safe. It's awesome! I think the fact that I am a "gringa" helps a little bit, because people down here love us, but still...I like to think that I could classify the general Chilean population as super warm-hearted people.

Anyway, new friends. We (austin, emily, jake and tim) hung out with Pablo and Victor on Friday night. We went to a fun party with a bunch of friends from Emily's school, and commenced to drink cheap wine and practice our terrible spanish with these super nice and super patient Chileans. It was fun to say the least...Pablo practiced his awful English as well. He kept on repeating (among other things) "Tomorrow! You come to my house! You come to my house! An asado! Come!" So the next day, after a little bike ride, I made my over to Pablo's house with Time and Jake to stuff ourselves with delicious Chilean food. Meat, salads, cheese, olives, bread, more meat, more bread...I think I gained 10 pounds. Afterward the boys went to play futbol, and those gringo boys did a pretty good job. Kept up with the Chileans...So fun...I wish I could have played, but it was evident that it was "boys only." No big deal, I was fat and happy just sipping a beer on the sidelines...sorry dad... ;)

That night we hung out at Pablo's dad's restaurant/music hall, where Emily and I danced "Kumbia" with the fun people at the bar. The demographic was mostly middle aged/fairly aged moms and dads letting off steam after the work day. We were the youngest kids at the bar. It was a working class place, perfect in every single way. They got a kick out of Emily and I when we broke free from our dance partners and tried to swing-dance. There's another thing about Chile that I love: the men love to dance here!

I almost died laughing when this 50 something guy started doing the "Jim Wallis" as I called it...I don't have the words to describe it, but I'm pretty sure if you've seen my dad dance, you can piece together the kind of dance move I'm talking about. Hilarious. They have such good mooooves! Kumbia is a pretty simple dance, and I think I caught on pretty fast.

Needless to say, it was a fun night...Seeing 6 ft 5 Tim dance with a 4 1/2 foot tall Chilean lady was priceless.

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