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Peru Te Amo

After leaving Lima at 2:30am this morning we arrived in Santiago exhausted, stinky, happy travelers.

Peru was beautiful. We laughed, we cried, we danced, we played, we rode a bus that smelled like sweaty people for 25 hours, we meditated at Machu Picchu, we ate ceviche and sushi, we flew in the air like birds, we swam in the ocean like mermaids, we met a Brazilian, we drove along the coast and realized that Peru is as poor as it is beautiful, we met island people and stayed in their houses for a night on Lake Titicaca, we danced with Argentines, we didn't eat cuy but we tried alpaca, we went trekking trekking trekking, we met loveable llamas and adorable alpacas, we got sick and sunburnt, we were stinky for 10 days straight, we ran around like crazy people at 4am at a bus station in the middle-of-nowhere Peru, we drank Chilean wine, we did not sleep, we were delirious, we went to Incan ruins, we bought gifts and more than one leather purse, we had deep thoughts and good conversation, we fell in love with Peru.

It was a dream.

You meet the most interesting people and have the most amazing experiences when you're
traveling. I'm so thankful to be living this life.

<-Wearing traditional clothes of the island people who live on the island Taquile in Lake Titicaca
<- This little girl lives on the Uros floating islands at Lake Titicaca. The islands are constructed by reeds found in the lake. The Uros people (back in the day) retreated to live on the lake after the spanish threatened to conquest their civilization. Ever since then they have been living on these floating islands, which literally float on the water thanks to the buoyancy of the reeds.
Fluffy alpacas.

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  1. Maybe you should consider photography! What a great review and trip. I love how you feel these places down to the bone!