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7-11 and trampolines

We grew up jumping on trampolines
in the blistering heat of Reno summers.
The hose drenching us with water,
we'd be singing,
songs we wrote ourselves
at the top of our lungs.
Walk to 7-11 in shorts, t-shirts & pockets full of
dollar dollar bills.
Gummy bears and starbursts
Reeses peanut butter cups and
of course we'd both get Slurpees.
Cherry for her
Some kinda weird
Coke, blue, cherry, pina mix for me.
She always liked sweet, solid flavors
Nothin' too crazy.
Now we're old
12 years older than when we first met.
I think she still likes
sweet, solid flavors.
and me?
I still like some kinda weird mix.
Todavia somos joven, hermosa y feliz.

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