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bicicleta verde

Learning how to ride bikes isn't easy sometimes.
But Tim and I know that once you learn it's a lot of F U N!

We couldn't stop smiling and laughing. My cheeks hurt afterwards from smiling too much.

A picture of Anna on her bike.
Critical Mass Santiago 2009! First Tuesday of every month.

today was a beautiful day, I went and rode with a bunch of awesome bikers today in downtown was a critical mass of sorts with about 500 people on bikes riding around Santiago. They even had the police following us, stopping traffic and whatnot...and it was fabulous!!! We rented bikes FOR FREE from this organization called Bicicleta Verde. They literally just made us write our names on a piece of paper, and then we took bikes out to conquer the streets! I can't believe they would have such faith in people. I'm going to donate the MegaBike to this place because they are so fabulous. We were screaming and laughing and creating a ruckus in the streets. FUN!
un beso.

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  1. As long as you're alive and in one piece.