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California bar in Santiago?

We just went to a bar called "California Cantina"
Every server speaks only english and really horrible spanish...They don't even try to learn the language because their clients are 70% gringos. What the heck.
It was weird...I walked in and this perky little blond girl screeched, "HAYYY! Like oh ma gawd whats UP! You guys wanna eat some lunch, or whaaat?!!"
But, being the hungry hippos that we are, Jake, Tim and I sat down and scarfed down some delicious hamburgers and fries with RANCH! First time I had ranch in two was heavenly :)
But aside from great food, that place creeps me out.
It's like being at Silver Peak but in the middle of Santiago de Chile.


Tonight we will make fajitas and eat chips and salsa.

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