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A Chilean Giving of Thanks

In the spirit of thanksgiving I stumbled upon this article
Back To The Land

A list of things to be thankful for:
My family who is a constant source of love and support.
My host family here in Chile who have welcomed me into their family with warmth and compassion. I am so grateful that fate put me in their home.
I'm grateful for writers who inspire me to think about things for a long while with an upside down mind and open eyes.
I'm thankful for my nephew who is growing too fast.
I'm thankful for Chilean asados, Chilean fruit, Chilean friends, Chilean beaches, Chilean cheek kisses, Chilean trees and red Chilean wine.
I'm thankful for the thinkers in the world who are making a strenuous effort to change the way our corrosive human "civilization" thinks about the environment. We have carved a huge scar into Mother Earth and it is our job now to change our habits to make her better for our children. There is a small number of humans out there working to do something about it, and I'm thankful for them because I hope one day they'll teach me how to help.
I'm grateful that I got to see Macchu Pichu.
I'm grateful for the beautiful friends in my life who make every day so much fun.

I hope you all had a great thankgiving!

un beso

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