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full of events today was.

I'm too tired to write a decent post about this day so you're going to get the details, no bullshit, just facts.

Emily, Jake, Tim, Tim's parents Joy & Nick and I went to a professional soccer game today.
Colo Colo vs. Palestino
Palestino won 2-1.
My spanish teacher told me to be careful at these matches because people tend to be rowdy and they might try to steal from you. Jacquline, you were right.
Before entering the stadium a punk-ass Chilean kid came sprinting up to me as I was casually talking to Joy and stole my wallet straight out of my hands.
After two seconds of shock I reacted.
I chased after that little son of a bitch. Ran faster than I've run in my life I think.
I caught up to him. Proceeded to scream one million F-bombs in his face. He couldn't understand my english.
But I think he got the point.
He threw my wallet to the ground.
I drop-kicked him in the stomach.
More F-bombs.
I got my wallet back.

I'm so proud of myself.
Sometimes women really can fend for themselves.

1 comment:

  1. Austin, where did you learn such harsh language?

    (just kidding). Good job, kid. We love you.

    Love, Gayle