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peru picture post

Just some random pictures from Peru.

I'm not really doing anything this week because I'm trying to save a little money for my trip to Argentina. I'm going there after classes are over on December 11th. I'll be there for 10 days and then mom and dad come to Chile! So, this week I'm just hanging out in Santiago.
The weather is so beautiful here. The flowers are blooming everywhere and all the trees have leaves on them. Some days are warmer than others, but it usually hovers around 70-75's so nice!

It's so weird to think that they have Christmas during the summer. No snow! are some random pictures from Peru..mostly food pictures...just cause that's one of my favorite pasttimes down here. Eating. I'm such a porky girl. ;)

me, hugging a really old wall.

corn and chocolate

Peruvian pisco sour...not nearly as good as the Chilean version

Coolest wine jug I've ever seen! Handmade ceramic. I want to learn how to do that.

Yummy taquitos...or whatever they were, I can't remember their name. I ate them in two seconds. I hardly had time to take the picture.
mmmmm mmmm good.

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  1. Not to offend, but that jug is not particularly good pottery work. Your aunt Peggy could top that! Pisco sour?? Sounds too old for you to drink! Fasha