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Weekend Update

Didn't really do much this weekend.
Hung out with the usual group of friends on Friday night. We went to a chilean's friend house party and it was fun. The Chilean guy is Sebastian, super nice, super friendly, really welcoming and wonderful...He speaks english, but he would speak spanish to us even though our spanish is pretty basic....I love it when they actually give me a chance to practice my spanish even though it would be easier to communicate in "my" language. I also had a spanish conversation with a french girl who had been studying there for a year. She was really sweet...It was fun to just talk and hang out.
Saturday Emily's parents came to town. We ate lunch with Claudia (emily's crazy host mom) and then went to walk around the city a little bit. It was so good to see them.
Then, on Saturday night I hung out with my good friend Helena who I met here in Santiago. She was studying at the same school as Emily and their mutual friend Calle introduced us all a couple weeks ago. She is such a sweet person! We walked around and just talked about a bunch of stuff, drank some beer, talked some more, eventually went to a really funny dance club where an aniversary party was happening. Overall it was a really mellow and awesome night. I love making new friends.

Today I did not do anything special at all except for watch a really depressing environmental documentary thing about the "Great Pacific Garbage Island" google it. It's about plastic waste in the ocean, and how horrible it is.
It made me really excited to be in my humans and the environment class that I'm taking next semester.

that's all.
un beso.

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