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"Eat food. Not too much. And mostly plants."

I feel like I am in limbo down here.
The program is ending soon, classes are almost over, friends will be flying back to the states and I'm lucky enough to have one more month of travel left. However, there is a little part of me that is really ready to go back to Reno. I have been day dreaming about going snowboarding in the mountains, cooking food at my house with friends, shopping at the Great Basin Community Coop> eating at Peg's Glorified Ham and Eggs for breakfast, MEXICAN FOOD, Tenby and just hanging out with my family.

Being away from home for this long has made me appreciate and love the little universe that is Reno.

I'm also really excited to start my classes. I'm taking some really interesting classes that should be challenging and fun. I can't wait to sit in the library with a cup of coffee for a long time and just study...nerd alert...

There's also another thing that has been nagging me since I've been here and that's my health, my weight and my diet. I think that for the most part I'm a pretty healthy girl. I've never been self conscious about my weight or appearance, and for that reason I think sometimes I let the pounds slip by without caring to much about it. I love my breads, my sweets and my meats but I know there is a better, healthier way to eat. I've just been too lazy and reluctant to change my eating habits.
I have been really inspired by one of my good friends from school Amy Harris who is an uber-environmentally conscious spirit of the world. I love her blog, I linked it so I hope you'll take a look...I've learned a lot from the research she has done about food production, local food, organic living, raw foods, and basically all things environment. I am looking forward to going home and talking to her about food, because she is one of the only friends I have who seems truly conscious and aware about her food choices...I think she sums it up really well here:
When I returned home I decided I would learn more about raw food. I didn’t set any parameters, or say I would never eat something ever again—or in other words I REFUSED to define myself as a raw foodist, vegan, vegetarian, lacto vegetarian, pectoarian, dinotarian or whatever the hell else type of eating definitions are out there now. Simply stated I was planning one day or one week at a time and doing inordinate amounts of reading and research. And let me tell you there is reading to be done. EVERYONE seems to have a theory about the right way to eat! There is so much information, crazy advice, demonization and radical views. Sifting through all of the bull shit I did find some very informative, inspiring and useful advice, but my most important realization was that I have to listen to my body and eat accordingly.
The one way I do not mind being defined by what I chose to eat is as a compassionate eater. I make the choice to buy food that builds soil, is sustainable, supports life on earth, and I am sick and tired of this being a strange way to eat. I believe in growing food in a way that does not destroy the planet, other humans and animals, and myself. To me this is simple, straight forward and obvious.
I think the idea of being a "compassionate eater" is fabulous. Right now it's nearly impossible for me to be a compassionate eater because I'm being fed by my wonderful host family, and I don't want to seem rude and start asking them tons of questions about where they get their veggies and meats...but I feel like I'll be ready to start some kind of journey to a healthier life when I get home.

When I get back to Reno I want to expand my knowledge about all of those aforementioned things. I don't necessairly want to become a vegetarian because let's be realistic, this girl loves a good steak, but there is a smarter way to be an omnivore...

Author Michael Pollen (he's the genius who wrote "The Omnivore's Dilemma") once said,
"Eat food. Not too much. And mostly plants."


  1. Austin!! Thanks for this and your writing looks great. When you come back we must eat some meals!

  2. ....believe me, it's the beer. LY