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Strong cheekbones, weak hearts

I am in Buenos Aires and all I keep saying to myself is, "why did I spend the last 3 months in Chile? Why not here?"

This place is enchanting. I see beautiful buildings, beautiful people, beautiful sky everywhere.
It's like this town breeds things that smell good, taste good, look good.

the streets are quiet. I walked down a 16 lane street and it was more quiet than a 2 lane street in Santiago. Strange but amazing.

Some lady came up to me today and said, "Estas perdido? necisitas ayuda? como estas donde queiras ir???" basically asking if she could help me...I love humans sometimes.

The architecture is beautiful. If I have ever been to Paris I would compare it to there...but I have only seen pictures, and I imagin that it is similar, maybe even more beautiful and less pretentious.

I've been here two days and have eaten three huge steaks that were mind blowing. I think I'm going to get gout.

someone told me you only get gout if you eat really "rich" things all your life. I think i'm eating enough "rich" food for a lifetime.

time for sleep.

I went to a professional drum circle tonight and it was great. I drank some beer and spoke spanish. it was nice.

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