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to college or not to college?

That is the interesting question poised by this cool article found on a website called Fast

Read it here...It is pretty interesting
Is Collge Really Worth It?

I think that I have asked myself that questions multiple times over the past two and a half years.
I have taken a slew of classes that give me, what they call, a "well rounded" education. But how much of that information has just been memorized, regurgitated for a test, and then forgotten the next day?
Most all of it, let me tell you. The classes were interesting and thought provoking, but how much of it do I remember? How much of my college education will I use in my future career? A huge percentage of college graduates do not even use their hard-earned degrees when then enter the work force. I'm not saying that I don't want this wonderful education I'm getting...I love school. I love going to class. I love the smell of books and pencils and the feel of a classroom. I love learning things...but I'm wondering if I there are different models of education out there that would help me hone my knowledge into something tangible, something that I'll remember, something that I'll be good at.
I'm tired of getting this "well rounded" education that leaves me feeling like my questions aren't answered...that leaves me feeling that I haven't mastered anything, just dipped my fingers into many different ink pots.
I want to be GOOD at something.

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