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Here's what I found at the new Goodwill that opened up in south Reno.

Pack of 4 rolls of yarn $3.99 : brown, multi-colored, yellow and beige. Mama's gonna learn how to knit! Last night I was trying to teach myself and I wished that my Aunt Peggy could have been there to teach me. Instead I had to use the second best teacher: Youtube knitting tutorials!

Pack of vintage stationary $0.99: Probably the coolest thing I've bought in 2010. Send me your addresses and I shall send ye snail-mail!

Pair of beautiful suede black cowboy boots with tassels $5.99

A vegetarian cook book $1.99! I'm going to be cooking zucchini and squash and carrots and tofu like it's no body's business.

That's all really.
Today I'm going snowboarding and then there is a My Flag is on Fire show tonight at St. James.
Should be fun!

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  1. Asutin, I have looked at those knitting tutorials and I think that you will have no problem. What a find! You will be knitting skarves forever! I am now into knitting socks, however,my first pair aren't exactly the same size. And I used that yarn that created a pattern so the pattern is quite different on each foot. But then, that is where the shoe should go, right? Second pair should be better. Love you.
    Auntie Peg