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hasta la ultima hora

I cannot sleep.
Tomorrow I leave this hot summer country.
And go back to home.
Where the snow is heavy
and friends are close.

Today was another beautiful day.

I woke up early and met Helena, my fabulously beautiful Swedish friend, for one last good-bye chat. She inspires me. I feel so blessed to have met her. Maybe I will go to Sweden in 2010 to visit her, I am not sure.

Next I went to church with the host family. I find myself wishing there was a church like theirs in Reno. One where everyone is friends and spunky little kids are running around everywhere.

After church we went to host-mom Pilar's sister's house. I tried to listen to their conversations and decipher the language. Ate beef and chicken. And then it was a time for a nap. Her house was huge and we each had a room to ourselves for una siesta. Me encantan las siestas.

After siesta we went to SUSHI. It was delicious. Obvio-po.

And you would think that this wonderful day would stop there!
Sushi, naps, church, swedes! What more could I ask for?

My night ended with one of the best conversations I've had with Pilar and Hugo. We talked about god, my family, their family, the future...I cried, of course. I can't seem to get through a deep conversation these days without crying. That'll happen.

Asi es la vida. I am so sad to leave them, but I know that I will be back soon so I am not too sad.

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