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run jump fly

I went running today and almsot ran in to some wild horses who hang out in the open fields above my house in South Reno.

We communicated for a while. I was nervous because one of those beautiful creatures was lying down on the ground and I couldn't tell if she was breathing or not.

But then, after about 3 minutes of me talking to them ("Hi horse-friends, I'm Austin") she raised her head and gave me a very regal look that said "Hey crazy human, go away, I'm napping."

And so Tenby and I continued on our run.

Here's Tenby the snow poodle. This picture wasn't taken today, there's no snow on the ground in the valley, but I hear we're supposed to have the "storm of the century" blow in on Monday and stay until the next week. 12-14 FEET of snow is the prediction.

I don't care what you say, poodles are the best.

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