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stream of consciousness

Well it's been a while since I've posted anything involving words so maybe it's time for an update.
Life has been rolling on so fast sometimes I feel like I need to step out of the river and take a breather...So I did just that this weekend. I hung out with my poodle at home on Saturday, did 5 loads of laundry, watched horrible TV, napped and turned the phone off. I think that May has been manic. Here'a list of all the things that have happened.

The beginning of May was the end of my semester. I wrote 4 papers, finished a huge journalism project, took 3 exams and somehow managed to get a 4.0 amidst a wild haze of parties, studies, working, sleepless nights and manic days. I'm pretty proud of that I guess. It's my first 4.0 in college. That's all the boasting I'll do for now.

I became closer to a group of fantastic people who have been around my life for a while, but I never really realized how epic they all were until a short while ago...It's so funny to me how the timing works when you meet people. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends...

Vance was in town for a hot minute. He's one of my best friends and I miss him. He's in Vancouver learning about history this summer. That's where he goes to school and he's too far away. The RoofDay Trio is missing it's third person. He's the smartest guy.

I managed to crack my skull open and get 9 stitches (12, including the 3 internal/dissolvable stitches they put in the cut because it was so deep). The crash involved a dark parking garage, a fire extinguisher, no helmet, and amazing friends who saved me and took me to the hospital. No tears as far as I can remember. Head wounds are weird, it bled everywhere, but it didn't hurt. I kept saying "No guys, I don't want to pay for a hospital visit" and they were like "Austin. We're taking you to the hospital. Now." Such good people. I'll never forget that night.
CONGRATULATIONS go out to all the UNR graduates! Con-Grads! :) Kelci, Nate, Chelsea, Jack, Peter, Steven...and everyone else. Kelci, Nate and Sam are off to bike across the country. Literally. I'm so excited for them. I can't wait to see their progress. Kelci is amazing. I miss her. We had a great time at all the graduation parties, and I remembered that "graduation feeling" that you feel when you complete something big. Parents were smiling, kids were smiling, friends were smiling, moms were crying. I can't wait for my graduation and the party that will follow. My high school grad party was so amazing, my parents made me cry...they're the best. Maybe next May people...if I push through.
but I digress....
After school was out we continued to enjoy ourselves every single day in every way we could think of.
Dub step dancing, camping, classic parties, AceBall Freighthouse fun, Murphy's house and BBQ's, Pub 'N Sub, nice boys, the Lake Street Ladies, Kelci's goodbye party, Bibo Coffee, so many bikes in the house, Kiki's antics, Rihanna's antics, The Butch, we now have 5 roommates, 3 bedrooms, one tent, one bathroom. You do the math. Endless fun.

So that brings you up to speed pretty much. This summer I'll be working at Sierra Cyclesmith full time, learning about bikes, learning about selling bikes...I hope it is a good job. So far it's been fun, but who knows, people show their true colors at the workplace about a month after you start working with them...So we'll see if those boys are as nice as they're pretending to be right now. (I'm the only girl working in the shop right now by the way) I also work at the old folks home. I love that job.

I've got dreams of going to Costa Rica next semester but no support to make it happen. The only way I'm ever going to learn spanish is to move there. Maybe I'll just do it. Do some kind of fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of thing. Buy a plane ticket. Show up. Size and fire. Dumber people have done it and survived. I think I could do it.

This town is getting too small.

That's it for now.

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