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Nevada, you never looked so green

This past weekend we (Emily, Emily and Quincy and I...yes two Emilys) went up to North Eastern Nevada and had some epic adventures. We went up there to visit our friends Guy and Jon who live up there and we had a really awesome time..
.Guy only knows how to show people really awesome times where ever and whenever they are within a 2 foot radius of I should have known that we were going to be having fun for every minute we were up there. Here's the breakdown of all the magnificent stuff we did/saw/conquered.

Rolled into Elko at 2 in the morning because we had to leave Reno at 9:00ish due to the major lollygagging done by Emily and Quincy...We were tired and ready for sleep, but Guy just grabbed us and took us on an adventure. We parked momma's morano and jumped in Guy's car to go mobbing up through the Ruby mountains to our camp spot.

at 3:oo in the morning we arrived at our spot which was a HOT SPRING
in the middle of a beautiful valley in the Ruby Mountains. It was the most perfect natural hot pool I've ever been was around 95 degrees, totally awesome for just floating around in. We stayed up until the sun came up and got these pictures. Sun worship at its finest!

And then we slept for a few hours, woke up, cooked sausages and eggs and then started our day of epic adventure. We wakeboarded, saw a canyon carved out by glaciers, ate food at Guy's mom's house because his mom and dad are the greatest people alive, went to Guy's friend's graduation party and ate free food, drank free beer, shot .22 guns at cans (I even hit the can a few times), saw a rock where Indian's used to shoot at stagecoaches back in the day when stagecoaches and indians still existed, and then we made our way back out to the hot's a picture of the aforementioned canyon of 1,000 waterfalls.

I have other photos but I'm so tired I need to go to sleep.

Nevada never ceases to amaze me.

Thank you Guy for showing us the most beautiful country I've ever seen...

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