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Two Poems by Austin

maybe we'll always be dancing this way.
hips moving like they've got no other job to do
than twitch and sway and jam band bounce.
maybe we'll always point our fingers, one hand on hip,
pointing to a crowd that has yet to learn how to dance.
we'll continue to teach them.
my friends and I. because we're people made of
water and light and music
and a dance move isn't a dance move until it's born
out of your body's motion and smile.
it's not a dance you learn on MTV.
You won't see it in a Nelly video.
but it's a dance with dignity and explosion
and fun and perfection
it doesn't matter if anyone is watching,
because I'm watching you my friends
and the way you move your bodies on the dance floor
is pure magic, uninhibited magic

A Broken Window
underneath the sheen of a midday rest we found our hands.
lost between breaths and gasps.
sun spotted orange white covers
peace and warmth
comfort and certainty
That you'd find my sentences and misplaced photographs.
Your eyes would watch and understand
the imperfections of a body bruised by
logs trees stumps rocks water
one million water droplets.
one million water droplets.
you'd find your hands
in between breaths and gasps.
you'd find a space between
two bookends and a pile of clothes on the ground.
a window in the bathroom
was never a good idea anyway.
or was it?

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