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costa rica love.

it's kind of hard to imagine that we've done so many things down here!
we spent christmas on the caribbean in a little town called Puerto Viejo..totally rasta town, very verrrry fun. we had about 20 people in our christmas party and we all rented this amazing cabina place that we had all to ourselves! we cooked dinner and sang christmas songs and played drinking games and laughed and laughed and laughed. it was a perfect way to spend christmas away from your family. like if you had to be stuck anywhere without your family, you would have wanted to be with our group of crazy vagabundos!
so then after christmas it's just been day after day of beachy beach, beautiful palm beaches and gorgeous vistas at every corner and every night has been night after night of fun discos and dancing and laughing. it's been so wonderful.
we have been all over this country and there's still so much to see! my favorite beach was at Mal Pais, so gorgeous. so fun and tranquillo.
there is something about this country.
it's easy to travel, the Ticos are so nice and welcoming, our friends are traveling perfectly together and everything esta muy bien!!!

no we only have about days left ! bummer....we'll be back.

love love love it here.

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