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We're Coastin' on a Dream

Today is my last morning in Puntarenas, today we go to San Jose for one night and then early morning tomorrow we fly away away from this country.
I am so thankful that I got to see a glimpse of the life down here. Three weeks was not long enough, just a taste really, but I know I will be back some day soon.

We made it. Emily, Emily, Dan, Michael, John, Guy and I have been the consistent crew down here, but we have had many additions attach on to our group during our stay. At one point we were 20 people strong, sitting around a dinner table for Christmas dinner laughing. We met two wonderful ladies, KB and Alicia, from LA who joined our party for a few days (I wish they could've stayed longer!!). They were such a fun pair of people to hang out with, can't wait to see them again!! Stephen and Jeff Hu were along for the ride, and in their own ways they were great additions to the group as well. And then there's John who arrived at Christmas and stayed around, it has been a blast getting to know him. We also made closer friends with the kids who have been in USAC this last semester and were on the tail end of their trip. They showed us a great time!
It's like every person who came down on this trip, and everyone we met on this trip, brought something to add to our group. Angels. We all traveled well together, there were no fights or arguments, and we're all even better friends now, three weeks later. I can't believe it, it's really rare that a group of our size can manage to avoid little tiffs here and there, but it was so smooth with these sunshine humans. I think we all came down here with the same mentality- let's have fun no matter what, and let's all try our very very hardest to get along! And we did! without even having to try hard! It was so SUAVE! :)

I am so happy we did this. It has been a learning experience, a fun experience, a beautiful experience.

I didn't realize until I came down here how much I missed Latin America...It's just a different world, not better or worse, just different and I really do love it. The culture, the people, the music, food,'s so unique. oh and the Spanish!!!! I think I got better at using my Spanish on this trip, even being surrounded by gringos the whole time. Yes! I just have to work on grammar!! poco a poco...

well. that's my word for now! Two more days and I'll be back in chilly Reno, Nevada skiing it up at Alpine Meadows!!! Sad to leave, but always happy to come home (that's what my mom always says)

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  1. Angels. Esa fué la mejor parte. Que rico saber que tuvo tan buena experiencia! Volverás a casa renovada y feliz, qué mejor!