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I don't know what to do with this blog.
On one hand I want to have a space to write things that people might read. But really, who am I to think that anyone besides my dad and roommate care to read this stuff?

I should have a direction. Isn't that what they say? That a blog should have a purpose? Hm.

So far my blog is just random ramblings and pointless updates about my life. It's fun when I'm traveling, because I have the most adventures when I'm traveling. The daily grind is pretty mellow.

Travel blog? No. Most days I'm in Reno. Reno's not very exotic. But adventures do happen here.

So, this post is just about as pointless as all the others. Good job Austin. Progress.
I'll post some articles I've published lately. That's progress.

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  1. well austinbaby, for me it's an adventure to read about tou and your life in Reno, which for me seems like an exotic place... would so very much like to see you soon!! you and emily are some of the absolut most stunning people I've got to know... it's weird, when you think about it, because we didn't have much time down there in Chile, but still you left marks in me. love from sweden