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This fall time crispy air makes me hopeful. September is an in-between month that I forget about until its sunny days start turning into beautifully chilled nights. Giving us a taste of summer and fall in one sweet swoop. I like this month so far.
There are apples to be stolen off my alley-neighbor's overburdened tree. They are small apples. They could make a nice jam or pie I think. This tree is dripping with baby apples, it needs my attention.
I have been deliciously avoiding progress on any of my many writing assignments to drift through thrift stores buying leather shoes and blue blouses. Also found an amazing steal- (forgive my hipsterness for a second)- a Polaroid camera in its original leather case complete with instruction manual and a pack of Polaroid film! YES. For $5.00 you can make this girlhappy.

This song is sub-par on its own. It is perfect with this video.

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