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good days and bad days

My professor had a bad day the other day and he came out with a quote that I think is very true. Before class, we were all just sitting around chatting like normal. And he was going on about how he had to do this and that, get his car towed, run errands you know. It's not like him to ever complain or huff and puff...Not like he was really complaining, but you could just tell he was off his game. Then he said with a sigh, "Well you guys, I gotta be honest. I've had a shitty day today. But I've been due one. Keeps us humble ya know? I've been having too many good days in a row. I was due a bad one."

How true is this? One good day after another is such a valuable thing. That's how I've been feeling lately. On top of the world. On top of my game. On top of everything. Working hard, reaping the rewards of my dedication to work, volunteering, school, friends, love, family. I've been receiving nothing but beauty from the world. I'm due for a bad day. To bring me back down to reality. To knock me on the shoulder, sit me down and tell me to cherish those good days. Bad days help us remember why the good days are so special.

I get so wrapped up in life. Trying to live every day so fully. I am so blessed to be doing the things I'm doing.
I come home to kittens and a lovely roommate and a clean beautiful house and my messy room and my brain can think, my body can rest, I can revive.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm thankful for all of these good long days. And when I get stressed out I just have to remember how delightful it is to be doing all the things I want to be doing.

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