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What is beautiful?

Amy had a prompt for one of her classes and it was this: "What is beautiful" and she had to go around asking people what they thought beautiful was. She asked me. Here is my response. 

Beautiful is that moment when you’re walking down the street and you look over to see something that makes you tilt your head while your heart says “ahhhh.” It’s dragon shaped clouds and little toddlers speaking French. It’s that giant smile you feel creeping up from your heart to your teeth when you’re standing on top of a mountain looking above tall trees and giant boulders. Even in its savage wildness, beauty is nature. There is nothing more perfect than the petals of a sunflower or the iris of a giant octopus. It is the color of sage and the sun as it heats your cheeks on the Black Rock Desert. Beautiful is when he puts his hand on that perfect spot near the small of your back. Beautiful is the softness of flannel sheets and my mom’s smile. Beauty is strength like the legs of a runner and a Reno sunrise. Beautiful is doing good work. It is humble sometimes, and sometimes it’s as loud as peacock feathers. Beautiful is moments and feelings and things and words when they’re put together in just the right order. Beautiful is as complex as all the different colors in the ocean. We define our own “beautiful”, and ultimately beauty is a manifestation of love.

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