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bunnies, grandmas and healing

Well here we are, Easter 2012...

I have been spending the last four days hanging out with a couple of 89-91 year olds, my grandparents Jean and George. Jean has been in a transitional care facility for the past month 1/2 because in February she was hospitalized with a flu-bug that turned into a broken ankle (she fell while in the hospital, way to go nurses. not.) and gall-bladder surgery (also happened in a hospital- this time on purpose). She had been having stomach pains for a while and finally they looked into her gallbladder and found that it was corroding away inside of her. (I'm sure something more scientific was happening in there, but heck- it was basically rotting away, not working, causing a lot of pain...Get that thing out of there, we figured.) But turns out, gallbladder surgery is quite an intense procedure for anyone- and nearly life threatening for an 89 year old woman...She's a strong lady though, and after a few rough weeks of recovery she is up, walking, talking and taking life day by day. It was scary for a while, but she's healing up just fine.

Being here has given me some time to pause and reflect. I have been thinking about the importance of family, and how remarkable mine is. I feel so blessed to be a member of this family who has come together in the time of our grandmother's need to be supportive, loving and helpful. Each member of the family at some point in time during her recovery has traveled up here, sent letters, called to make sure she was doing fine- and I think for a sick person- that's the most important thing we can do.

Reflection about other things? I've been thinking about how I'm 23 and by some standards I'm getting pretty close the peak. Some friends of mine are getting married, or are on the road to marriage, are having babies, are getting big-girl jobs, are basically growing out of the play-time years. All of that is daunting to me. Well, the whole marriage thing- I guess you need to find a man to marry first right? Yeah, that hasn't happened yet. The big-girl job isn't that scary- it just requires a change of direction, focus and dedication...Yet to be determined...Anyway, it's just weird to think about how all of our different lives will take us so many different places. I wonder where I'll be in 10 years?

I'm not doing enough homework, or studying, or practicing spanish, or being responsible. I have one month left to get my sh*t together. I wish the Easter Bunny would just do it all for me.

-with all the love in the world, happy April 8th-

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