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I'm afraid if I get started writing a blog post about the NSAC competition class it will turn into a furious rant and that is not positive for me or anyone who reads it.

So instead I'll say this: I should've taken Mike Branch's American Literature class on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-5.

but I didn't.

I chose to take a competitive marketing communications class and it has just reaffirmed my belief that I am not built for the world of IMC. This isn't meant to be a shut-down of that entire profession. I have just realized that I don't want to work within that realm. It's nice, to realize when you're not fit for something. At least I tried eh?

I try to do well at most things. Also, I am not a quitter. When I commit myself to something I try to do my best. And this semester, instead of doing my best work, I spent this entire semester banging my head against the wall and against other people's egos. (and against my own ego too)

The last time I came even close to this kind of high stress, high intensity, highly competitive environment was 5 years ago when I did the We The People competition for my high school. That was an enriching experience, and it was insanely difficult. It was intellectually challenging and mentally stimulating- that's where the difficulty was. On the other hand, in this experience the difficulty has stemmed from stuffing 40 Type A personalities into one room and then expecting something productive to come out of it.

I'd say- in 15 weeks of working on this thing, we were probably productive for 4 total weeks. The rest of it was spent bickering and rolling our eyes and butting heads and compromising compromising compromising.

The end result is the product of endless compromises.

I'll be interested to see if anything beautiful blooms out of this chaos.

Well wait, something beautiful did bloom- I did make new friends, and above all else- that's why I don't totally regret ever signing up for this class.

I learned some lessons.
1. Sometimes it's smart to keep your mouth shut.
2. Sometimes it's important to stick up for yourself.
3. Sometimes it's important to be the follower.
4. Sometimes it's important to be a leader.
5. Sometimes other people have better ideas than you do.
6. Sometimes people are idiots.
7. Sometimes people are brilliant.
8. Timing is everything.
9. Conflict makes us smarter.
10. Laughter diffuses tension.
11. I have claws and they are sharp.
12. Attitude is everything.
13. Sometimes professors drop the ball.
14. Sometimes students drop the ball.
15. Sometimes I drop the ball.
16. It's important to listen, and not just wait for your turn to speak.
17. How many different ways can we say the same thing? Infinity.
18. It's easy to be a critic- thanks Judy- truer words have never been spoken.
19. It takes work to be dedicated.
20. Smiling helps. All the time. Smiling always helps.

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