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We make second place look good

Now for the reflection post.

First, let's do a big inhale......................exhale...........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............................

That tingly feeling you get after doing a big exhale? That's how I felt after our presentation on Saturday.

Tingly and happy and full of smiles because that 20 minute presentation was one of the proudest moments of my college career. No, it WAS the proudest moment of my college career.

My team practiced every single day leading up to Saturday (except for Tuesday- when we all took a much needed break to go to Florence and the Machine haha). I have never worked so hard for a 20 minute presentation and in the end it totally paid off. I'm going to shamelessly say that we had the most polished, the most fluid, the most fun, the most informative and the most creative IMC plan in the competition. We were brilliant. And when I say "we" I'm not just talking about the 5 of us on that stage. I'm talking about everyone in the class who invested their time and tears and energy to creating a plan that I hated at first, but learned to love in the end. I am so proud of all of us.

We presented our plan with confidence, pride and the research to back it up. We were lacking the numbers the judges wanted, but I don't care about those judges. I care about how our presentation made my mom cry because she was so proud, and how my friends all gave me a bear hug afterwards and how Rosemary was beaming with a big smile when she told me I was "stunning." I care about my team's reaction to our performance- and they couldn't have been more happy.

My perspective about this competition has changed 180 degrees since my last post. While I do understand that half of the semester was spent being extremely frustrated, the joy and fun that happened on Saturday somehow made everything OK.

Like I've said before- I'm so glad I made friends in this class because they helped to keep me afloat during the yucky times in class. I've learned that it's wayyyyy more fun to party than to bicker with a bunch of brilliant people.

Now, it's the homestretch before graduation. It's not going to be easy or stress free- but after this IMC experience- it will be a piece of cake.


 photos courtesy of Billy Jesberg

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