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building a better Wallis

It's less than 24 hours until I finish my last exam of college and I don't really know how I feel. I guess I feel like I don't want to study for this last final so I'm writing a blog post instead.

Things  I want to do when I'm done with college.

1. Exercise more. Like every day.
2. Play with my cousins more. (and I wish I could play with my nephew more but he lives in vegas :( boo.)
3. Build better relationships with potential clients...or do freelance work. Or something Basically I know of some awesome businesses who want me to help them do PR, and that's just about my ideal situation. I want to work for myself.
4. Save some money. Stack cash, lots of it.
5. Go out of the country within the next 6 months for an undetermined amount of time.
6. Organize my resume.
7. Take more hikes.
8. Take a trip in Emily's van.
9. Do a bike tour somewhere. Across Nevada? From Canada to Mexico? Redwoods? Anywhere. Gotta get my bike in better shape.
10. Hang out with mom and dad more.
11. Do more yoga. Like every day.
12. Read better books.
13. Write more. Like every day.
14. Travel around Nevada and explore all the cool spots this state has to offer.
15. Music Festivals.
16. Burning Man.
17. Visit grandparents.

The world feels so close to being opened up to me. Not like it has been "closed" but there has been this box called School structuring my life for so long that this restraint-less life will be quite liberating I think.

I am open and full and open to a new chapter of life. This has been an unexpectedly anti-climatic stumble to the finish line, but goddamnit I'm doing it.

This week is going to be awesome.


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