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About the cousins who I love

I almost forgot!!

Something monumental happened a few days before I left for Montana!


Ok, big deal. Who's Olivia you might ask?

She's my adorable 2 year old cousin. She melts my heart every time I see her. Getting to know her has been an absolute dream. She is developing her own personality. Such a person already.

Anyway- here's the story.

We all got together to have one last family dinner before I left. Mom, dad, Uncle Tom, Renee and the girls- Ysabella and Olivia. It always amazes me how she can recognize all of us on sight. She'll go running, all smiles, up to my mom (who is her favorite hands down! no baby can resist my mom's smile and warmth...I think it's because she saves her best hugs and smiles for the babies haha) Anyway- she goes running up to mom, says hi and smiles while my mom scooped her up. Then mom walked over to me and said, "Olivia, who's this?" (pointing at me) AND THEN OLIVIA SAID MY NAME! FOR THE FIRST TIME! Well, it was something that resembled "Austin"...with her funny speech thing it actually sounded like "Agnes" But heck, I'll take it. She kept looking at me, smiling and pointing saying "Agnes!!" I know she meant Austin...right? haha. I almost fell over. She's never said my name before.

And then to melt our hearts even more my mom said to Olivia, "Want to go see daddy?" (pointing at her dad, Tom) and she shook her head NO! haha (we know she didn't really mean it)...but then my mom said "Want to go see Uncle Jim" and she nodded her little head and reached out for him! I know that always gets to my dad because babies don't usually go for him...My nephew never really wanted to be held by my dad, and I know that hurt his feelings a little bit. (Now that has changed- Ashton and him share a profound love for vehicles, this is a thing that unites them.) But when Olivia wants to be held by my dad we all sigh a little bit inside because it's so sweet.

So there's that story. That little girl has us all wrapped around her finger.
Elle and I on a play date in some park somewhere.

Olivia swinging. 

About Ysabella...
My 8 year old cousin Ysabella and I have been spending a lot of time together lately which is also a blessing. I feel proud and lucky to be able to be in her life in a semi-big way. I remember as an 8 year old how amazed I was by "big girls," and how they were such a huge influence on me. I want to be a good influence for Elle because sometimes her life is hard and confusing and a little bit unruly- so I wanted to have a play date with her once a month to show her how much I care and how important she is to me. So there's that. Before I left we went to the Discovery Museum and ate at Granite and then Uswirl for our last play date...Fun stuff.  I am spoiling her so bad, but it's worth it.

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