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Father Jim

Today is father's day and I think my dad is enjoying himself camping at Prosser Lake with my mom and the poodle. Yes, we have a black standard poodle and I love her. Anyway,  I'm in Montana celebrating the day with my grandfather...which has mostly meant me climbing up trees to prune them and cleaning up the yard a bit. I'm the new groundskeeper, and I kind of like it.

As I get older I feel like I am learning how to understand my dad more and more. Maybe it's because I'm becoming more patient, and his quirks no longer annoy me, they just make me laugh. I think patience is the best thing about getting older because it's inevitable that we learn it, or else we go crazy. Anyway, I've always appreciated my dad for his advice and his pragmatic way of viewing things. Sometimes (a lot of times, actually) we disagree on stuff, but there are times when we can just sit around and talk about whatever, and I really love that. He knows how to help me work things out in my head, and I have seen that he too has grown more patient with me, more understanding. I value both of my parent's advice on life. I find that I'm kind of lost without it when I'm searching for answers.

I'm proud of my dad. I think he has taught himself how to be a great father.

Call your dads today people, they like to hear your voice almost as much as your mothers do.

Jim Wallis watching the solar eclipse at my graduation party. 

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