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Life moves slower in Montana

I woke up this morning to the sun shining through beautiful windows in the corner bedroom of my grandparent's home on Clark Ave. It is kind of like waking up in a time machine, opening up my sleepy eyes to this room. The bed is a beautiful wooden antique that has been in the exact same spot since forever. Along the northern wall rests a frame that protects my grandfather's medals of honor from the second World War. He was a fighter pilot, the very definition of a badass in my opinion. There is a picture of him too, as young military man. He was handsome then, and he has retained some of that handsome dignity now in his 92nd year. My adopted bedroom is full of relics, as are all the rooms in this old house. My favorite thing in the room is my bedspread which is a colorful quilt made by my great grandmother Helene (she's where I got one of my middle names). She made the blanket as a gift to her granddaughter Peggy, my aunt. There is an embroidered note on one of the corners of the blanket...It's written beautifully, I'll post pictures later. There's also an old wicker rocking chair, a deep brown wooden dresser/vanity and old pictures of George and Jean on some trip in Europe. Sometimes I'll walk around the house just looking at all of the things that have not moved from their spot since they were put there probably 80 years ago...They are pillars of my childhood. I used to spend 2-3 weeks each summer hanging out with my grandparents up until high school, and nothing in the house has changed really. Still gorgeous. 

I didn't know how close they lived to downtown Billings until I took a walk this morning and found myself in the middle of the wild west celebration on Broadway Ave. I've been doing a lot of walking and running lately. Downtown today I found a local coffee roaster and had my first cup of real coffee in Billings. My grandpa keeps Folgers De-Caf on tap, and there's only so much of that I can take, haha. Downtown Billings has a lot of charm. I walked into an "Indian Trading" Store and found some of the most beautiful turquoise jewelry I've seen, ugh! I want it all! It'll be nice to do some more exploring...I think they have some cute restaurants I want to check out. 

Tried to find a's kind of impossible here. Their craigslist options are as limited as their bike shops. The bike shops will rent a bike for $40 a day (for a month? yikes!) And they all sell super nice carbon-fiber bikes for like $600 as their "used" bikes. UGH. No thank you! I'm spoiled in Reno. Completely spoiled. I should have just shipped my bike up here. I'm kicking myself for not doing it. Everything in Billings is in biking distance, it would be awesome to be able to bike out to my grandparent's country club, sit poolside for a while, and bike back...Haha, oh my problems these days. It's only the third day of my stay here, I'm sure I'll find something.
Found a DUI Special Electric bike at a shady pawn shop on Grand Ave. 
That's all for now. I have a lot of time to reflect here so I'll be posting more later. 

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