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Montana Moving and Sasquatch

People keep asking me, so what will you do now? Or what's your plan? And I don't blame them. I'm curious to know the answer too.

There is an expansive feeling I've been having these days. I close my eyes and envision my future, actually just the near future really, and I feel like I'm looking at an eternity of options. My path could take me anywhere. I guess this is the most fortunate and blessed place a person like me could be in. All daunting and thrilling and exciting at the same time.

I'm moving to Montana to help my grandparents. I believe in this duty we have to help our families. It's also a perfect excuse to get out of Reno for a month and explore my options.

I want to travel. See a little bit more of the United States and possibly Canada.

We went to Sasquatch and I took too many pictures like always. Here's a few.
Emily laughed wore these awesome spandex shorts and classed up the outfit with this cutoff ruffle shirt. 

Some sneaky Canadians played a silly trick on Emily Yellow. They hid something yucky in a one dollar bill and she picked it up. The entire block of campers was laughing hysterically, we were laughing too. 

Dancing in our favorite spot. Possible at the Alabama Shakes? Mississippi Planks? What's their name? 

This is the gorge view. SO BEAUTIFUL. The sunsets were breathtaking. 

Just get out there and have fun ok? Be safe and have fun. 

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