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two weeks

Here's a snapshot of my instagram feed from the past two weeks. The cool thing about this silly social media thing is that through these pictures we create our reality (filtered photo by filtered photo) as we would like people to see it. We see something that we think is beautiful, funny, hip, delicious, ugly, silly weird, sentimental, whatever...and immediately we can show it off to the world. Through the collection of these photos I think they tell the greater story of our lives as we want people to see them. Up there in that snapshot I can look at the reality I have created of my experience here in Montana. In a few pictures I introduced you to my two new roommates, Jean and George Wallis. I took pictures of them that shows them off to the world in the way I see them. Jean is putting a rose in a vase in one picture. She is dignified and sweet. She looks healthy, old yes- but more healthy I think. She has been so sick and dealing with all kinds of health issues that come with living life for 89 years...It is nice to catch her in a moment where she feels "up to it."  In the pictures of George you see him lounging and helping me with my bike. He is making me laugh. We are sharing a moment in those pictures- and while you weren't there to see it with me, I hope that in some way those pictures capture the feeling of those moments. They capture that feeling for me at least, and in retrospect that's all that really matters right?

I introduced you to my new favorite bike and montana sunsets. The attic, my new tan legs and cups of coffee. Friends at home who I miss. The pool and a rose in bloom. The pink house that I love. 

The days are punctuated by meals and trips to the therapist. Me going to the pool and yoga or doing chores and work. Talking on the phone. Laughing sometimes. Trying to make them laugh mostly. We've all fallen in love with a little bunny who lives in their garage. I watch bunnies and birds and we giggle at how cute they are. Goodness. 

I think there's a reason I came up here, a reason greater even than helping my grandparents (although that's a good reason enough, I think)...but there's something more. I'm settling my brain down. I'm having good conversations like this one with Jean yesterday: 

Preface: We were talking about what traveling was like for them. She was telling me about what living abroad was like, and how they visited Israel twice and how she loved Amsterdam and how they went on a safari in Egypt and met a traveling student working on his PhD in Egyptian studies with an emphasis in hands and he told them about history and her and George bought something little from every place they went. And so many other things...She was so "in it" you know? Like telling me these stories was cathartic to her in a way. And then she said this:

Jean: You know, when I look back at our life, I don't think anyone in the world could have had as much fun as we did.  
Me: (speechless because she made me cry.)

It was such an amazing conversation. That sentence doesn't really do it justice, but maybe you get it. I don't believe in God, but this experience feels like a blessing. 

Anyway...Happy two weeks for me. That's two weeks no booze, no boys, no friends, no bullshit. I've lost 5 pounds. haha. It's the 105 Clark House Booty Bootcamp over here. 

All the love.


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