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Here's the post where I talk about yoga.
I'm not your average "yogi."  I'm not exactly "graceful" or "flexible" or whatever other words you think of when you think of people twisting their bodies around doing insane yoga postures...I'm the girl sweating in the back row wearing a cut off t-shirt I got in soccer camp when I was 12. Yes, it still fits. Kind of like a belly shirt though. Whatever.
Anyway, I'm strong, and determined, and stubborn. Which is the reason why I've pushed myself to go to yoga every day for the past 15 days. I hope to make it to 20 before I leave here. And I totally feel it! This practice has convinced me that yoga is for everyone. I have taken all kinds of classes over the years and I think I've found my favorite practice here at Sumits Hot Yoga Montana. But everyone is different, and I've found the joy of yoga is finding your ideal practice and sticking to it. I look forward to every class now. It's a challenge: physically, mentally and dare I say- spiritually? Yes.

I might not be able to bend around like some of these freaky women in class, but my legs are really strong. That's one thing I have going for myself, is my legs have become reallllyyyyyy strong in this process. They were already pretty strong thanks to my caveman Wallis genes and constant biking around everywhere...but now they're toned and sexi. Also, my arms have also become strong. I can do push ups, like more than one in a row. This is progress.

I'm learning about the muscles in my body. Their abilities and their weaknesses. I am more flexible than I thought. Like I really almost look like a Half Moon when we do the Half Moon pose, and I can do a badass Warrior 3. And I can lock my knees! Victory. It feels rad to walk into class every day and say "ok body, what are we going to do today?!" Some days I'm sore and tired. But on the really awesome days, I can push it. Push it real good. Like the song.

I bend and fold and move and flow and breathe breathe breathe breathe. "In and out through your nose."

You see this picture here of me doing a Standing Bow. (taken by George Wallis haha..."Hey grandpa, take a pic of me doing some yogas on the front porch." -"ok" #familybonding)  This is my favorite pose. It feels gorgeous, and while that's about as high as I can get my leg at this point- if you had asked me to do this pose 15 days ago- I could hardly align my knees and begin to bend over...This posture feels like a victory every time I do it. I love it.

"Reaching and pushing 50/50, try to get your toes to come up over your head." This is what Melissa says every day when we do this pose. You see those toes? Yes, they are coming up- overrrr my head.
Like a boss.

I moved to Montana and all I got were these stupid yoga mats. ;) 

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