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Finally, A Burning Man Post

Hello Blog World...It's been a while.

It has been one month since my return home from Burning Man and a busy month it has been!
Right when I got home I was ecstatic, glowing, vibrating, exploding with residual Burning Man energy. I couldn't sit still...Well, I did sleep a lot in recovery, but when I was awake I was constantly on the move. Gathering tools, books, ideas, rocks. Telling my big story. Riding my bike around Lake Tahoe with my dad. Camping. Working. Playing with friends. Basically getting myself back into the swing of life in the default world. Many changes have happened in my life. I'm not sure I'm ready to divulge all of the details on such an open forum like this one, but basically I am so thrilled about the new direction I have taken my life.

While I was at Burning Man I experience a radical transformation, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I know to some people (namely anyone who works at RBP) that phrase sounds so cliche: but heck, it's true. My life has changed, and while that change was slowly happening before I entered the Black Rock City, I met my catalyst on the 5th day, and I awakened into a new beginning. I feel like for the past year my life has been like a rolling snowball down a hill: small at first,  slowly picking up speed, getting bigger, bigger and bigger until the gigantic Austin snowball was rolling at breakneck speed and suddenly exploded while crash landing into a tree at the bottom of the mountain. Burning Man was the tree. My snowball exploded. And only the amazing particles of my old life have carried over into this new beginning.

So you're probably wondering: what the hell happened out there?!?!? Well, I'm going to give you the abbreviated version...For the first 5 days I was playing and loving and having the best time with all of my friends. Ellen, Emily, Cameron, Megs, Dominique, Murphy, Guy, The Hen House, Joey, Charles...hilarious people. We explored and laughed and danced all over the playa. I know the most wonderful group of friends. I know I say that all the time, but I seriously seriously mean it. Then, on Thursday night/Friday morning (I had been on the playa since Sunday) I met an inspiring person who has incredible dance moves and the biggest heart I've ever known. From that moment forward my life took a gigantic step to the next level. The next level spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically (I lost 15 pounds at burning man ahh!! so much biking, dancing and prancing around all the time, really does the trick!). His name is Ben and he is a wonderful new addition to my life. If you've seen me this past month, you've probably heard the story of how we met- and if you haven't you should call me up and I'll give you the long-form version. It was beyond amazing. Beyond words. We made it rain. We saw a gorgeous sunrise. We danced our asses off. He met all my people and I met all his people. I met Anna and I'm so thankful for her. We met White Raven and Pappa Bear and Ken. I met Alexa and Angus and Nick and Joey and Hillary and the rest of the Elk Mountain Tribe. We started our romance. It's wonderful. So long story short- I met Ben. :) I cannot put into words the amount of gratitude I feel for that moment when the universe decided I was ready to meet him. Maybe it wasn't the universe "deciding"...Maybe it was just me, finally being ready to take a leap. Who knows. I'm still figuring it out.

So, I'm going to post some pictures now. I hope these photos help you see what it was like...Kind of. :)

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