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The Future Kind of Post

Sooo....I haven't spent much time on a computer lately. But tonight I just wrote a post about Burning Man, and I also read some of my old blog posts.
Hmmmm...This walk down memory lane sparked some new thoughts...I appreciate and love the fact that I have kept this blog since my Chilean adventures back in 2009. So much have happened since then and it is pretty marvelous to go back into the archives to read about what I was doing in 2010 or something, but it's also a little weird. My perspective has changed...I almost disagree with some of the things I wrote in the past, in fact I nearly deleted one post- but then I didn't...Because erasing what I once believed to be true and real, would be like an act of embarrassment or shame at my once-self, and that's not ok. We evolve, we change, we learn...The beauty of this blog is that it is a catalog of my personal evolution and I want to cherish that, not delete it like it never happened.

I'd like to save this blog for what it is- a look into my past. A memory bank of sorts...But I don't think I will continue to use the blog to catalog my life experiences. This space has served its purpose and I feel happy now to put it to rest.

I will continue to write. And I will probably continue to write in a blog format. I enjoy the personality one can give a blog and the individuality of a space that is controlled and cultivated by just "you." I will update this blog one more time when I have designed the new place for my thoughts, ideas, musings, poetry, essays, articles, photos...whatever...

I'm on a new level now...Gotta level up my website too :)

Namaste :) May we continue to look towards the sun, towards the light and love forever.

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